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Here, in the heart of Nova Scotia, the N.S. Provincial Exhibition plays a very important role in our cultural heritage.  As you are all aware there have been some recent structural changes that have taken place at the NSPEC Complex over the past month and there are concerns as to whether or not the EX will be taking place for this year.

The answer to that question is YES!  The show will go on.

Gina Ernest, myself, Darrelyn Hubley, and our valued committee members are all here to ensure that the EX continues proudly on its path. Our goal will be to endeavour to create an atmosphere where people and families of all ages will want to put the EX on their map of destinations to visit this summer.

So ladies and gentleman, it’s time to get this Exhibition back on the road to success!  As a team, I am very confident that we can pull this all together in time to leave a lasting impression on our visitors for 2018.

Nourishing Growth

Media Release: December 2, 2016. For immediate release.

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition building on momentum; proposing date change

Exhibition enthusiasts will be happy to know plans are in motion for the annual Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition with the 2017 Planning Committee having met for the first time last week.  Leading the charge again this year are Amanda Langille and Tanya Colburne of Langille & Colburne – More Than Events, the same event management firm hired to oversee the 2016 event.  ‘’We were incredibly happy with feedback from 2016.  Overall, the response by attendees was very positive, ‘’ said Langille, as she notes the numbers indicate the same, ‘’the event saw an increase of 50% in attendance over the previous year and a 28% increase in the bottom line.’’ 

Dawn MacKay, a volunteer with the Farm Equipment Museum says the Museum relies on Exhibition traffic to further their awareness.  ‘’2016 was the best Exhibition we’ve had in years’’ said MacKay, sharing that 50% of their visitors last season attended during Exhibition week.

Together with NSPEC Staff and the Exhibition Planning Committee, Langille & Colburne are looking forward to building on the momentum created in 2016 with a proposed date change and a ‘’Nourishing Growth’’ theme that ties together Canada’s 150th birthday celebration and agriculture.  Tanya Colburne also feels the theme is symbolic of the Exhibition grounds as a whole.  ‘’The large Bible Hill venue is one of the Maritime’s only ‘’camping festival’’ locations, and given its geographic location and its potential as an event venue, it’s important to nourish the growth here in that sense as well.’’

The organizers are also looking at moving the dates of Exhibition to start on Wednesday instead of Monday and end on Sunday instead of Saturday.  ‘’This gives families an extra weekend day to enjoy the Exhibition, and it’s logistically easier for livestock caregivers like 4-H, for example,’’ says Colburne.

Just prior to the first planning committee meeting, the NSPEC had representation at the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE) in Fredericton earlier in November. ‘’The NSPEC was happy to have a presence at this important industry conference,’’ says NSPEC General Manager, Joe Nicholson, ‘’it’s reflective of our commitment to continuing to build on the momentum created last year.’’

Part of that is continuing to work with sponsors, business, and volunteers.  Langille notes new  systems are in place and there are lots of opportunities for people to get involved as a volunteer,  ‘’we currently have a call for volunteers in the areas of fine arts & photography, coordinating the Exhibition parade, opening ceremonies and ag-awareness,’’ she says.  Anyone who is wishing to volunteer is encouraged to email amanda@morethanevents.ca.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition is proposed to run August 23 to 27, 2017.  More details can be found at www.nspe.ca

About Langille & Colburne – More Than Events
Langille & Colburne is a firm based, full-service event management and consulting company, specializing in more than just events. In addition to corporate, charity, sport, community, weddings, and special events; we specialize in facility & venue operations, marketing & communications, event marketing for business, and consult on community & special projects. We take a vision, provide marketing and brand strategy, assist with promotion and execute a customized event with ease. 

About Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition (NSPE)
An event owned by the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission (NSPEC), the NSPE is held the last week of August at the Exhibition Grounds in Bible Hill each year.  2017 brings the 71st year of the event in its current location.  The focus of the NSPE is Agriculture with several competitions taking place throughout the week, including but not limited to numerous 4H demonstrations, a flower show, the best in preserves and home baking, vegetables, sheep, dairy, beef and horses.  In addition, the entertainment is a draw for the public with some of the favorites including the Demolition Derby, varying musical acts, and the carnival midway.

About the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission (NSPEC)
The NSPEC is the governing body for the Provincial Exhibition Grounds in Bible Hill, NS.  The NSPEC oversees the Truro Raceway, the NSPE event which takes place in August of each year, and rental and lease agreements on site.

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Amanda Langille, Partner
Langille & Colburne – More Than Events