NSPEC Complex
2013 Ex midway.JPG



Here, in the heart of Nova Scotia, the N.S. Provincial Exhibition plays a very important role in our cultural heritage.  As you are all aware there have been some recent structural changes that have taken place at the NSPEC Complex over the past month and there are concerns as to whether or not the EX will be taking place for this year.

The answer to that question is YES!  The show will go on.

Gina Ernest, myself, Darrelyn Hubley, and our valued committee members are all here to ensure that the EX continues proudly on its path. Our goal will be to endeavour to create an atmosphere where people and families of all ages will want to put the EX on their map of destinations to visit this summer.

So ladies and gentleman, it’s time to get this Exhibition back on the road to success!  As a team, I am very confident that we can pull this all together in time to leave a lasting impression on our visitors for 2018.