NSPEC Complex


About the NSPEC Complex

What is the NSPEC Complex?

The Complex is a year-round operation, housed on 65 acres in the Heart of Nova Scotia. It is home to a multitude of facilities capable of hosting some of the largest trade shows in Atlantic Canada with easy access to all of the major highways. The Complex is also home to the Farmer’s Equipment Museum.

There is no facility quite like the NSPEC Complex in all of Atlantic Canada. Given it’s great location featuring multiple, spacious buildings, acres of parking and onsite camping- this complex is regularly sought out by promoters and is capable of housing some of the biggest acts and events from across the globe.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission and its staff are committed to sound financial management that will enable the facility to be both sustainable as well as a major asset to the Village of Bible Hill; the Town of Truro; Colchester County and the Province.

Our History

The first agricultural exhibition held in Truro was in 1876 on William Blair’s family farm. The province's exhibition moved around between then and the Second World War. In the fall of 1939, at a directors’ meeting of the Colchester County Farmers’ Association, The Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. John A. MacDonald, and the Agriculture Representative, George Cook, teamed up with a dedicated group of local calf clubs and volunteers to stage a one-day field day in the middle of the track in Bible Hill in 1940.  The field day grew beyond anyone’s expectations with more than 400 cattle showing at the event. In 1946 the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Commission was formed to oversee both the Exhibition and the various other events that the NSPEC Complex hosts year round. The Provincial Exhibition has evolved over the years and in 2016 played host to a wide variety of attractions, motor sports, agricultural events, musical acts, and the ever-popular carnival rides. Approximately 25,000 passed through the gates in 2016.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To provide the people of Colchester County with an agricultural, entertainment, and community centric gathering place where they can participate in events, conduct business, learn, and be entertained.

Our Vision: To become a primary community gathering place that creates unique, memorable experiences.

Our Logo

The mosaic icon, as seen in the NSPEC Complex logo is comprised of similar, yet different elements. The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition is the primary entity associated with the complex; however it is also an event venue for a wide range of events such as those relating to Agriculture; Sports; Motorsports; Community; Musical; Food and Beverage; Winter Storage; as well as large and small scale trade shows.


What's Going On?